In recent years, Everest has become a mountain defined more by tragedy and controversy than its history and inherent allure as the world's highest mountain. With so much contention surrounding the place of Everest in modern mountaineering, what is it that continues to draw people to the mountain? In 2016, artist Derek Eland embedded himself at Everest Base Camp for six weeks during the April-May summit season in an effort to find out; exploring the motivations and experiences of would-be Everest submitters in their own words. He wasn't driven by the famous Mallory quote: "Because it's there" but more by what Edmund Hillary said, "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves" to try and find answers to the question: why do people need to climb or visit Everest? This book recounts the key stories from climbers, guides, Icefall Doctors, camp workers, porters and trekkers, written in the shadow of Everest. By the end of the climbing season hundreds of stories were written by people from dozens of different nationalities. They are an honest, immediate, moving and humbling account of what people are doing there with themes were of tragedy, pilgrimage, redemption and aspiration.

Artist on Everest - Being Human at Everest Base Camp


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